Walk On Fishing Charters
in Orange Beach

With over 7 million visitors coming to the Orange Beach and Gulf Shores area each year, taking a fishing charter is not as expensive as you might think. Deep Sea Fishing and Inshore Fishing are the two most popular places to fish on the Alabama Gulf Coast. However, deep sea fishing is the only type of fishing charter that allows people to walk up and join others in order to keep the price low or cheap.

​Walk on fishing in Orange Beach has been around since charter fishing began some 50 years ago. The popularity of deep sea fishing has grown to where anglers have so many choices in front of them, it can be overwhelming. The best way to go charter fishing in Orange Beach is to charter a boat just for your group. That is called a private charter. At this time, we are going to talk about the walk on or shared expense fishing charter.

​There are a lot of people who come to Orange Beach and look for activities to share with their family and kids. Going on a deep sea fishing charter as a walk on customer can cost as little as $65 for a 4 hour charter, to as much as $85 per person for a 6 hour charter. & You are paired up with other fishermen and when the boat gets enough reservation requests, they call everyone and advise them when, where and what time the trip will depart.

​The way walk on fishing works in Orange Beach is you need to fill out a reservation request on this fishing site and choose "party boat" and put down how many people you have in your group that want to go deep sea fishing. If you have 1 person or 30 people or more, simply fill the form out. Walk on fishing is not quite like private charters are. Walk on trips only set sail if they have enough people. With the price of fuel being high and Orange Beach Charter boats having to go offshore to get the fish, it is imperative to have at least 15 people or more wanting to go on the same day, in order to make the trip happen.

I will give you some tips below that may help you get on a walk on fishing charter in Orange Beach:

Ask how many people in your family want to go deep sea fishing and fill out the charter fishing reservation request online with all the information about your group. Choose Party Boat as the type of charter you want to go on. Give the date and an alternate date you can go fishing. (remember, party boats may not run every day during the off season of September through May, and it is important to be flexible as to when you can fish). These charters do run every day during June, July and August, so you can almost be guaranteed to get out fishing on the exact date you want in the summer months. Put in the comments section – This is the only date we can fish or We will be in town the whole week and we can fish any of these dates mentioned above. Remember, being flexible on the date you can fish will help you get out fishing at a reduced rate or fare. The walk on charter company will contact you and put you on a list. When the list gets at least 15 people wanting to go on the same date, they call everyone back and say the trip is leaving at a certain time on a certain date. All the bait, tackle and fishing license is provided by the boat. You can figure your budget easily because walk on fishing charters in Orange Beach are offered at a per person rate. The only extra cost is the tip for the deck hand and fish cleaning which runs .30 cents per pound. You need to bring your own cooler with beverages and snacks. Because of limited space, you probably need to leave the monster cooler in your car. Usually a 20 to 30 quart ice chest will work just fine on a walk on fishing charter in Orange Beach. You will also need to bring sunscreen, a towel to wipe your hands and any other personal item you might need to make yourself comfortable while fishing in Orange Beach.