Waiting on the fish to bite - What Orange Beach Charters is doing to help retrain fishermen and enjoy the new age of deep sea fishing

Deep Sea Fishermen in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama have been spoiled for many years.  Alabama’s artificial reef system provides an abundance of different species of fish for anglers to catch.  The only problem is, you can’t keep most of the big fish anymore because of over fishing that occurred in the past.  The short seasons has forced charter boats to change their business model and become partial educators and entertainers in order to attract new clients.  There is a whole group of people out there that don’t really care about harvesting fish.  They use deep sea fishing as just another activity to entertain themselves and their family.  Spending quality time together has become one of the main reasons people love to go deep sea fishing.  The memories gained while fishing will last a lifetime.

There are a few captains and charter boats like the ones on this website, that figured out that catch and release, combined with offering great customer service, is the most logical option going forward.  If you can’t keep them, you might as well have fun catching them, taking a picture, then let them go.   Our charter boats cover enough territory in the course of a fishing trip where you can often see marine birds, mammals and reptiles if you pay attention.

Leading the way in the charter fishing / entertainment business

This is where Orange Beach Fishing Charters and Guides has really stepped in and become the leader in family entertainment while deep sea fishing. The inability not to be able to keep a lot of fish has made our fishing guides stronger and prepared for the evolution of charter fishing. Our Orange Beach fishing guides will show you how to experience what it really means to unwind and enjoy the day on the water. Fishing is about having fun and experiencing the fight. If you want to do something new, come along with one of Orange Beach fishing charter’s Elite Group of Guides and find out what other people are raving about.

​Let’s get back to the unwinding and relaxing part of deep sea fishing. The biggest problem with American Society today is that everyone has become less tolerant of others and have become extremely impatient. There are a lot of people who are on edge and ready to explode if things don’t go their way. In a society where we “want not,” it is extremely important to retrain our thought process and get back to the basics of deep sea fishing. There should be no stress on anyone while deep sea fishing in Orange Beach or Gulf Shores. If you are wound so tight that you feel like you can’t unwind while charter fishing, you may have a serious health problem lurking just around the corner that you probably need to have looked at.

Being laid back is the only way to enjoy deep sea fishing in Orange Beach, Alabama

Being laid back in life, is a learned skill. You have to want to be laid back to actually experience the peace of mind that deep sea fishing can offer. As children, most of us had parents or grandparents that we got to spend a lot of time with. If you were lucky, you had the experience of being around at least one of them who was really laid back and you never heard them get upset about anything. I think back to the days when my grandmother and I would sit on a ditch bank in her front yard for hours, trying to catch a crawfish. It was not near as important to us if we caught one, as it was just spending time together waiting on the bite. She would have me find broken limbs from a nearby Pecan tree and she would tie some sewing thread to one end and a cut piece of bacon to the other end. Some days, we would fish for hours and never get a bite. Sometimes we would talk, sometimes we would sit in silence. The one thing I remember was, how laid back the experience was. It did not matter what we did or what we fished for; we always cherished each others company. I am glad that those childhood experiences taught me how to relax, unwind and rejuvenate myself.

Unwinding on a fishing charter in Orange Beach

We understand that there are always going to be fishery season closures. We also understand that we will never be able to keep as many fish as you used too. That’s fine with Orange Beach Fishing Charters. We have realized as professional fishing guides, that we have a responsibility to keep, maintain and preserve our fisheries so future generations can enjoy the resource. We are doing our part and professional anglers, to retrain people and show them how to become a little more laid back in life and exercise restraint when it comes to harvesting fish.

​When going deep sea fishing in Orange Beach, there is a lot of time spent riding to and from the offshore fishing spots. This is a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the views and time together. Normally we begin our fishing trips with a brief safety moment and speech. If you listen carefully, you may be able to learn something that you did not know about boating.

​After you depart the marina and begin heading around the coves, there is a vast amount of marine activity going on. Most anytime, you can see marine birds like Pelicans, Seagulls, Ospreys, Blue Heron and Cormorants swimming or flying along. So many of us take for granted that these marine birds will always be there to view. We always slow down and enjoy the ride offshore. It certainly can be picturesque.

If you are interested in coming along with one of our professional fishing guides in Orange Beach, you will almost certainly get more value for your money. Be sure to bring your camera and get a few pictures of these amazing creatures and sights. Make your charter fishing reservation online. Booking with us is easy. Try it and see what we mean.