Wahoo Fishing in Orange Beach

The Wahoo fish is also known in Hawaii as “ONO.” Kind of makes you wonder why ONO island in Orange Beach got it’s name. This fish is known to be one of the fastest fish in the ocean and can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. In Orange Beach, Alabama, these pelagic fish spends most of their time swimming in the open ocean in deep water and up near the surface. They are mostly an open ocean fish, but are sometimes found in deep water around structure.

Most of time, Wahoo fish are caught on full day fishing trips out of Orange Beach. The key is to getting far enough offshore to get to where they live. It takes 30 miles to the southeast before you get to deep water and 50 miles south to find it. However, sometimes these fish are in shallow waters of 100 foot or so. Most of these fish are caught in blue water, no matter where that may be. If we get a southeast push of blue water toward Orange Beach, you can find these fish anywhere.

​We catch Wahoo while trolling large artificial lures with a big game hook on the end. We catch most of these fish while pulling at speeds of 10 knots all the way up to 15 knots. The average speed we catch them in Orange Beach, Alabama is about 11 knots. This seems to be the magic speed for these big game fish.

​If you are considering a full day charter in Orange Beach, we have a fishing charter boat for you. Even though catching a wahoo is considered big game fishing, there is always a chance to catch them during the months of May and June close to shore. If you are coming fishing anytime after that, you need to plan on taking a full day or overnight fishing charter to have enough time to get in range of these magnificent fish.