Create Your Own Personalized Saltwater Fishing Adventure

Orange Beach Fishing Charters is the place to discover a whole new world of year round saltwater fishing.  You have just entered a new realm of deep sea fishing and inshore fishing on the Alabama Gulf Coast.   Charter boat captains that operate in the Gulf of Mexico have long been complacent and more often than not, do the same thing every day.  We, at Orange Beach Fishing Charters are not complacent people.  Each of your Guides and Captains enjoy and live very active outdoor lives.  We love the feeling we get when one of our guests is experiencing the fish fight of a lifetime.  That has changed and Orange Beach Fishing Charters has grabbed the fish by the tail and is ready to catapult you into a whole new diminsion of saltwater fishing on the Alabama Gulf Coast.  Finally, there is a group of charter fishermen who are willing to try anything to give you a fishing charter of a lifetime.  We are the ones that make dreams come true.  You are the ones that benefit from it.

Anyone can take you fishing.  We let you design your own fishing trip and then take you on your customized charter fishing adventure.  For the first time in the history of saltwater fishing in Alabama, our charter fishing cooperative is raising the bar on how, when and where you catch fish.   How much fun is there in doing the predictable?  Predictability is something you expect when your at a bank or a restaurant.  With us, doing the same thing every day and expecting different results is insane.  That is why we have decided to kick it up a notch and offer you a chance to do what you want to do.   We are guides and are good listeners.  We simply help you decide which species of fish are best to target during the time of year you want to go fishing and then provide the platform to accomplish it. 

Unlock The Possibilities of Creating Your Own Saltwater Fishing Dream Vacation

Use your imagination and dream big for a minute.  Can you imagine choosing the fish you want to catch?  Imagine hooking up with a monster sized Red Snapper on the surface of the water.  Imagine Mangrove Snapper swimming around the charter boat, just waiting on you to throw them a bait.  Have you ever seen a shark up close?  Have you ever touched a live Bull Shark and got your picture made with it?  Have you ever seen thousands of 30 pound Bull Redfish on the surface feeding all around you?  Have you ever jigged for Blackfin Tuna?  Have you ever caught a Bonita on a Fly Rod?  Have you ever fished at night, under the lights of the docks?  Have you ever used ultra-light tackle to catch a tub sized Flounder? 

With Orange Beach Fishing Charters, we aim to please you.  Contact Orange Beach Fishing Charters today and let’s discuss all of the possibilities of creating an unforgettable deep sea fishing or inshore bay fishing charter of a lifetime.  Your imagination is the only thing that is keeping you from enjoying some amazing Alabama saltwater fishing.