Orange Beach, Alabama Charter Fishing For Bull Redfish during November and December

Right on time, the Bull Redfish have arrived on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Orange Beach is absolutely beautiful and the gulf waters are teaming with marine life. If you are on the beach, you might look out in the water and see birds diving and the water churning. You might wonder what those fish are or what the birds are feeding on? During the late fall months of November and December, most of those fish are Bull Redfish.

We have all heard of the slot Redfish that anglers catch on inland or bay waters. Some are caught in mud flats by fly fishermen targeting the fish by sight fishing with their tails out of the water. Those fish are generally 10 to 20 inches in length and are pretty tasty when put on a grill. They do offer a great light tackle fight.

The fish we are talking about right offshore are the Bull Redfish. These are the large male fish that move offshore into deep waters and return during the fall and winter months to feed upon the baitfish that school up right off the beaches of Orange Beach, Alabama and Gulf Shores, Alabama.

If you are looking for some fun, you need to experience a nearshore trolling trip on one of our Gulf Shores offshore charter fishing boats and experience a hard, tough fight. These larger of the Redfish are anywhere from 27″ to 40″ and weigh from 18 to 40 pounds. They are often seen on top water schooling and can be casted upon with a spinning reel with a jig head laced with a curly tail grub.  If these fish are not on the surfice feeding, they can be caught while trolling a stretch 30 Mann’s bait (deep diving lure) or a drone spoon.

If you would like to go out and try to catch some of these large fish, please contact Distraction Charters if you have 6 people or less. If your group is larger than 7 people but less than 20 people, contact Intimidator Sportfishing.