Avoiding Sea Sickness while Deep Dea Fishing in Orange Beach, Alabama

Going deep sea fishing in Orange Beach, Alabama is one of the most popular attractions and activities on the Gulf Coast. Most of you think about getting sea sick while on your deep sea fishing charter. There is always someone that gets seasick on each fishing trip. Not everyone feels the same effects of motion sickness. We tell people, “It all depends on you.” We take thousands of people Deep Sea fishing every year in Orange Beach and about 10 percent of them get’s motion sickness or gets seasick. If you are not seasick, about 1 person for every 10 people that feel some sort of nausea or dizziness related to being on the charter fishing boat.

Sea Sickness in Orange Beach - OTC Medications

If you ask your doctor, motion sickness or seasickness is an inner ear problem. For those of you who are prone to motion sickness or have any degree of allergies or sinus problems; you probably need to seek over the counter medications like “Dramamine” or “Bonine.” For those of you with a medical background, it is Meclizine Hydrochloride. Common marketable names include Antivert, Antivert-25, Antivert-50, Dramamine II, Bonimine, Bonine, Meclicot and Medivert. Meclizine is an “Antihistiminic” or an “Anticholinergic”. These drugs also act as a “CNS or Central Nervous System Depressant.” Most of these medications take effect within an hour and last for up to twelve hours.

Deep Sea Fishing and preventing Sea Sickness in Orange Beach

You can still have fun while deep sea fishing in Orange Beach without getting sea sick. If you have allergies or are prone to motion sickness, by all means, get some of the above medications and follow the directions on the label on the package. Since most of the drugs above have the same effect as antihistimines, it would be logical to take a couple of Benydryl 25mg tablets about 1 hour prior to departure. For those of you who partake of alcholic beverages the night before or during a charter, you need to take into consideration the effects of alcohol on your body. We see so many people stay up and drink alcoholic beverages and show up at the charter fishing boat, slightly hungover or dehydrated. Dehydration is one of the biggest factors with people who decide to drink alcohol before fishing.


How to prevent motion sickness while deep sea fishing!

Our recommendation is for you not to drink alcoholic beverages excessively prior to your deep sea fishing charter.  I have no idea why anyone would want to invest thousands of dollars and end up seasick the day of the fishing charter.  If you want to drink, we highly recommend you do it after your fishing charter, not before.

You should also eat a sensible meal or meals prior to your Orange Beach Deep Sea Fishing Charter.  Get a good nights rest and be prepared to have a great offshore fishing charter.  If you are nervous about going charter fishing and have some sort of apprehension about going on a charter boat in Orange Beach,  by all means, take some sort of medication.

Remember, not everyone gets sea sick.  Deep sea fishing is a lot of fun for those of you who love to catch a few fish.   If in doubt, consult your pharmacist or doctor to make sure you get the most out of your fishing charter in Orange Beach.