Dolphins everywhere is what we see while deep sea fishing.


Sea Turtles are the largest marine Reptile that share the Gulf of Mexico with us.

We are not a Dolphin Cruise boat. We are fishermen. We often see marine mammals and sea turtles while underway or while we are fishing.

​We solve the problem of searching for wild Dolphin and Marine Mammals for those who want to experience them first hand in their wild environment. Hardly a day goes by on our 6 hour trip or longer when we do not see a Bottlenose Dolphin while fishing. We see a lot of Sea Turtles and Marine Birds while we are out deep-sea fishing. There are a lot of instances when we are fishing and the Bottlenose Dolphins swim right up to the boat and see what we are doing.

​Be sure to bring your camera. This an opportune time to snap a few pictures for the scrapbook back home. A lot of times we are fishing and we will see large or giant Sea Turtles like Leatherbacks or Green Turtles surface right beside the boat and look around for a minute or two.

​We always see Sea Gulls, Pelicans, Blue Herrons and Ospreys flying around while on our fishing trip.

As you can see, when you are on a deep sea or bay fishing charter trip with us, you get a chance to see more and do more than you would by staying close to land and taking a tourist trip. We understand that not everyone budgets for a fishing trip. However, those of you who plan on taking a deep-sea fishing trip with us, will get more than just a charter. You get a memory that will last a lifetime.

​We look forward to seeing you on the water soon. Please visit our online fishing reservations section to book your fishing trip today and see Alabama Marine Life, up close and personal.