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Charter boat news articles about our fishing trips and services provided. Deep-Sea Fishing Articles are an excellent way of keeping up with what’s hot and what’s not with Charter Fishing along the Alabama Gulf Coast.

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Don’t get left at the dock when your walk on fishing charter does not develop because not enough people signed up to go on the same day you did.


How a fascination with catching my first shark as a teenager changed my life and made me want to become a charter fishing guide in Orange Beach


Ten things a charter fishing guide in Orange Beach may not tell you about deep sea fishing


Affordable walk on fishing charters in Orange Beach and what you need to know about them.


Orange Beach Charter Captain protecting middle Americas access to the Amberjack Fishery with a letter to the Gulf Council about Amendment 35


Understanding the difference between offshore fishing, inshore fishing, private charters and walk on charters in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.


Spring Break in Orange Beach Alabama 


How to vent a Red Snapper and other reef fish the right way to reduce effects of barotrauma


Orange Beach Fishing Cooperative launches new Seafood Seasoning for Game Fish 


How to build your own Charter Boat Water Softener and Spot Remover for under $150 


Fishery Stock Assessments – A Simple Way To Understand the Jargon 


How to get a job as a deckhand in Orange Beach, Alabama on a charter boat.


How to avoid sunburn and choose the right sunscreen or sunblock while deep sea fishing.


Surf Fishing in Orange Beach – Understanding the dangers and what causes a Rip Current 


Orange Beach Fishing is Good and So are the Times for three charter boat companies 


Avoid frustration and book with the best inshore fishing guides near Orange Beach, Alabama 


What fishermen can do while waiting on the fish to bite in Orange Beach


Shark fishing in Orange Beach – Have you ever touched a live shark?


10 Tips you need to know when booking a fishing charter in Orange Beach, Alabama


Saltwater Catch and Release – The best techniques to help released fish survive


The Best Fishing Charters in Orange Beach, Alabama


Creating your own personalized fishing charter in Orange Beach


Spring Cobia fishing charters during the annual migration – how to catch Ling and Cobia


Understanding how fishery management works in the Gulf of Mexico for recreational anglers


How to get the best saltwater fishing charter for the money?  What to look for in a charter.


Big Bull Redfish are waiting on you in Gulf Shores, Alabama 


Fishing Backward with Frady – Orange Beach Alabama Deep Sea Fishing  


Things you should know before booking a charter fishing trip in Orange Beach, Alabama


Orange Beach Fishing Charters is open for business after the BP Vessels of Opportunity Program


Sweet Vacation Alabama – Fishing With Distraction Charters


Distraction Charters of Orange Beach Offers First Class Fishing Trips


Fishing With Distraction, Visiting The Alabama Gulf Coast


Fishing Heating Up On Distraction Charters in Orange Beach, Alabama


Deep Sea Fishing In Orange Beach Using Light Tackle