Fall Sailfish Fishing Orange Beach, Alabama

September 28, 2010 was an extraordinary day in Orange Beach, Alabama. Today we had John who is a FedEx Pilot who was in the Gulf Shores area for a family get together. We met at the marina this morning to depart at 7 am on a four hour trolling trip. We worked our way out Perdido Pass in Orange Beach into the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

​We worked our way to the East as we began to catch Spanish Mackerel, one after the other. Our spoons were red hot, even though the outside temperature was a cool 58 degrees. The cool temperatures, combined with the full moon last night made for a wonderful morning deep sea fishing in Orange Beach. The charter boat Distraction was right on que as Captain Troy turned the boat South and we began heading offshore to try and catch some King Mackerel fish.

​Captain Troy worked our way offshore past the three mile barge and then on to the Allen Ship. It was a bright sunshiny morning and the fish bite actually slowed up a bit. We worked our way to the large reef, when the lines went to screaming and the boat had hooked up a few nice King Mackerels. We had a good fight and had a lot of fun.

​Just as we headed North and were beginning to head toward Orange Beach Marina, we had a cloud cover set in and it became overcast directly around us. The sun was shining everywhere else and we could see it. We had caught a few more Kings when we looked behind us and saw the bill of a gamefish striking at our cigar minnow. It did not take but a second before the little Atlantic Sailfish was hooked and John had a great fight on his hands. A lot of action with a few jumps and we had him up to the boat.

​Sailfish is a common fish to catch right off of Orange Beach during the Fall of the year. White Marlin are also available for you to catch. The reason you don’t ever hear about it, is that everyone in Orange Beach tends to be preoccupied with killing fish like Snapper, Grouper and Amberjack. One thing for sure, Sportfishing in Orange Beach is a lot of fun and you need to be enjoying it.