See Bottle-nosed Dolphins In While Deep Sea Fishing

Dolphins are often seen while we are deep sea fishing.  There are literally hundreds of bottlenose Dolphins that live in and around Orange Beach, Alabama and out in the Gulf of Mexico.   One of the most amazing sights for families with children of all ages is to see these marine mammals up close in their natural environment.  These Dolphins often have their calves or babies with them swimming right along side.   They come up behind the boat when we are cruising and jump high out of the water and splash.   They swim easily at over 15 mph for long periods of time.   They are beautiful to watch, jump and roll in the water.

As merchant mariners, we always do what we can to avoid direct contact with the Dolphins because of the Marine Mammap Protection Act (MMPA).   It is illegal to interfere with them while they are swimming or feeding.   However, these beautiful mammals have got some habits that have been reinforced by years of human interaction that can cause harm to them if they get too close to a boat. 

Our charter boats fish in the Gulf of Mexico and the Inshore areas of Orange Beach.   It is hard not to have interaction with them.   We do not feed them or try to touch them in any way.   It sure is cool to see the Dolphin swim right up to the boat and look at you with almost human eyes.

The bottle-nosed Dolphins often wait around the charter boat to be fed by discarded fish that were too small to harvest.   We try not to reinforce this habit but it is just part of it.    We are a responsible business and do all we can to let you see these

Dolphins in their natural state without trying to change their natural habits or patterns.

Come with us and enjoy a day on the water, fishing and watching wild Bottle Nosed Dolphins as they swim naturally.

Be sure to tell your kids that they may see wild Dolphins while deep sea fishing.  Fill out our online fishing reservations page and book your Alabama fishing adventure today.