orange Beach Best Charter Boats

Orange Beach Fishing Charters and Guide Boats are some of the most popular and best fishing charters located in and around Orange Beach, Alabama. Here, we will outline your options and help guide you toward a fishing charter or fishing guide that meets your expectations, group size, budget, and experience level. You may continue reading, or you may click on the link below that best represents what type of fishing trip you want to experience. Click on the fishing charter below, and it will take you to the description of that particular type of service offered. Every detail about the charter fishing guides and boats that we represent exceeds every expectation of our guests. In a time where the deep sea fishing charters appear to be the same, it’s our service that sets us apart from the competition. Professionalism permeates throughout our fishing charter operations. Our reputation depends on offering better service and providing a better product.


Best Deep Sea FishingTrips

 If you have 1 to 6 people in your group and you want to experience a private deep sea fishing charter for your family or group, then Distraction charters is the ultimate of six-passenger boats. They offer Light Tackle, Family Fun – “G” Rated, professional environment. The Distraction Charter Boat is based at Orange Beach Marina. The boat is a big 41′ Hatteras Yacht and has a shaded sitting area with air conditioning and a private restroom. A private charter is where you are the only one on the charter boat except for the captain and crew. This premium charter is ideal for families with kids.


They offer the best 6-hour trips but will make longer trips for those who want to go farther offshore. The 6-hour private charter runs about $1,275 for 6 people, plus deckhand fee or tip of 20% ($250) minimum.  The Distraction is the best 6 passenger charter in Orange Beach.  During the summer, their trips depart at 6:00 am and at 12:30 pm, which is ideal for those who want to fish early or sleep in late.  The 6-hour fishing charter is the best trip around.  This trip takes you out to the deep sea and stop the boat over a secret fishing spot. 6 hour allows everyone to hold a pole and drop their bait below and wait for a fish to bite. The 6-hour charter is ideal for catch and release or catch and keep. You usually catch Red Snapper, Triggerfish, Grouper, Amberjack, Red Porgy, Vermilion Snapper, and many more species. If you would like a private fishing charter and have 1 to 6 passengers, please fill out their direct fishing reservation form on this site and submit it. They will answer you quickly.

Offshore Big Game Fishing

Want to go offshore and catch some big game fish? We have the best multi-passenger charter boat around. They take families and corporate groups Deep Sea Fishing. They are ideal for those groups with 7 to 20 passengers. The best trips they offer are full day 10 hour trips or or 2-4 day offshore big game trips. The charter boat Intimidator, which is based from Orange Beach Marina is available to serve you.

This 65′ Custom built sportfisher and has an air-conditioned cabin with room for angler to take a break from the action. Complete with 12 bunks and 2 private restrooms there is plenty of room for all here! A private charter is for just you and your party only. We do not mix or arrange groups on the boat. The 10-hour fishing charter is where we take you out to deep-sea areas and stop the boat over an artificial reef. This is our most popular multi-passenger fishing charter in Gulf Shores. This is where everyone holds a pole and drops their bait below the boat waiting for a bite. The 10-hour charter is excellent for catch and release or catch and keep. You usually catch Red Snapper, Triggerfish, Grouper, Amberjack, Vermilion Snapper, and many more species. If you would like a private fishing charter and have 1 to 6 passengers, please fill out the private deep sea fishing reservation form on this site and submit it. We will answer you quickly.

Inshore - Back Bay Fishing

One of the most popular fishing charters in Orange Beach is the inshore and back bay fishing trip. We have JayHook Charters. These back bay boats do not have restrooms, but you are only minutes away from land or Orange Beach marinas when fishing. These boats are 22 to 24 feet in length and are center consoles. This means you can walk around the boat while inshore fishing. These boats can carry up to 6 passengers per charter, but they are more comfortable if you have 4 people. That way, you don’t have to cast over someone else’s line each time. The inshore boats offer 4 and 6-hour trips. They fish near the jetties, under bridges, under piers, adjacent channels, drop-offs, structure, or simply drift fish over oyster reefs. When fishing is tough in Orange Beach, these boats may have to move and be picked up from a nearby dock where the fish bite is better. Their goal is to put you on the fish, and sometimes, you have to be flexible and move if you want to catch them. Inshore fishing usually catches fish like Speckled Trout, Redfish, Pompano, Black Drum, White Trout, and Sheepshead.


The prices for a 4-hour inshore charter starts at $400 plus tip for 3 people. If you have extra people up to 6 max, add $50 each for the 4th, 5th, or 6th person. 6 Hour is $600 for 3 people. Add $50 each for the 4th, 5th, or 6th person.  If you want to go inshore fishing, please Jayhook Charters and submit this form. You may only choose one boat for your reservation to be forwarded.  However, you are welcome to hit the back button and select the other boat and submit the form again to send it to your other choice. Both companies are excellent, but they fish all day long.