April 2010 Orange Beach, Alabama Fishing Report

April 2010 has been a great month so far in Orange Beach, Alabama.  We have had unusually warm weather and calm seas.  Deep sea fishing during the spring break time of the year has its challenges.  Most of the time we have small windows off opportunity to go out and get some really good deep sea fishing in.

The Red Snapper are plentiful this year and it is hard to get away from them.  Light tackle makes the action fun and is constant.  Everyone who goes fishing with Orange Beach fishing charters really gets to enjoy deep sea fishing in a different way.  Instead of using traditional fishing tackle, we lightened it up so you could really feel the bite.

Orange Beach Fishing Charters and Saltwater Fishing Guide Reports

Captain Troy with Distraction Charters says Grouper fishing has been phenomenal during the early part of spring.  The winter closure of the species has allowed for these fish to grow up and hit a mature size before being harvested.  Most of the Gag Grouper we have been catching have been on full day trips and are anywhere from 25 to 28 inches or about 8 to 10 pounds.  Overall, the grouper fishing in April is stronger than it has ever been.

The king mackerel have started showing up further offshore.  They usually move closer to shore during the month of May and will stay until November.  The key to good King Mackerel fishing in the spring is being patient and waiting on the water temperature to get above 70 degrees.  In the past couple of weeks, we have seen an increase in salt water temperatures of about 5 degrees.  All of the fresh water and rain we have been having in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores has surely made for some cool water.  The good news is, that if the outside air temperatures continue to hit 75 to 80 degrees, it will not be long before the water warms up.  Right now, it is in the mid 60’s and we expect 70 before the end of the month.

The big speckled trout are showing up and captain Keith of Alabama Inshore Fishing Charters is catching quite a few of them.  He is running mostly 6 hour trips this time of the year.  These longer, morning trips allows for traveling to find the fish.  Some days he stays in the area, but there are some days where he has to go over to Mobile Bay to catch them.

Intimidator Charters has been have great success deep drop fishing.  If you want to see something cool, you need to plan a full day or overnight charter and go with Captain Johnny and experience fishing depths of 700 to 1000 feet.  You will be amazed at the deep water species you will catch.