Alabama State Fishing Pier Information

Charter boat fishing is the best way to enjoy saltwater fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.  For those of you who do not care to be on a boat or did not budget for such a venture, there is the Alabama State Park Fishing Pier in Gulf Shores.  For just $8 a day, you can enjoy all of the thrills of catching fish in the Gulf.  If you do not fish, for just $3 a day, you can enjoy the pier as a guest.

The Alabama State Parks division is responsible for the Fishing Pier being built.  Our old pier was destroyed in September 2004 and again in 2020 with Hurricane Sally. It took months and years to clean it up and negotiate with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to get the permit to build the pier longer than it originally was.  The State Pier was completed and opened for business in July, 2009.   This magnificent concrete structure is now the longest fishing pier located in along the entire Gulf of Mexico.   This massive structure is an engineering marvel and is over 1/4 mile long or 1,540 feet.   This State Fishing Pier is managed by the State Parks Division.   This fishing pieroffers all of the comforts that a pier should have.

The Alabama State Fishing  Pier is located on the east side of Gulf Shores but is only minutes away from the city of Orange Beach.  The pier has a quaint snack bar, air conditioned concession area, fishing tackle store, cleant restrooms, roomy picnic tables, large fish cleaning stations, fishing pole rental, wheel chair accessible rail fishing and plenty of rail space for everyone to line up and have fun catching saltwater fish.   You may even purchase your State of Alabama Saltwater fishing license on site if you do not have one already.

Gulf Shores, Alabama Fish Species and Types of Fish Caught On The State Pier

 The common saltwater fish species caught off the Alabama State Fishing pier are:  Redfish (Red Drum), Cobia (ling), Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Florida Pompano, Tripletail (Blackfish), Gulf Flounder, Mangrove Snapper and Whiting Fish.   Shark fishing is prohibited from the pier or in the surf along the city limits of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama.


Alabama State Fishing Pier Fees

Children under 12 must accompanied by and adult.


Prohibited Items or Behavior On The Alabama State Fishing Pier At Gulf Shores:

  • No Pets Allowed.   Service Dogs Only.

  • No Soliciting.

  • No Shark Fishing.

  • No Reels Larger Than 4.0 Penn.

  • No Cast Nets.

  • No Gill Nets.

  • No Wire Crab Traps.

  • No Spears or Spear Guns.

  • No Sleeping.

  • No Sleeping Cots.

  • No Bed Rolls.

  • No Sleeping Bags.

  • No Skates or Skating.

  • No Skate Boards.

  • No Bicycles.

  • No Running.

  • No Horseplay.

  • No Fireworks.

  • No Firearms.

  • No Sling Shots.

  • No Lounge Chairs.

  • No Beach Umbrellas.

Gulf Shores Fishing Pier Rules and Regulations:

  • Limit 4 Rods Per Fisherman (Additional Rods and Reels are $3.50 each)

  • Fishermen Can Only Fish with One Rod and Reel At A Time.

  • No Trolly Fishing Rigs are Permitted.

  • Bottom Fishing is Allowed On The Up-Wind or Up-Current Side.

  • Float Fishing or Drift Fishing is allowed on the Down-Wind or Down-Current Side.

  • Alabama Saltwater Fishing License Required.   This can be purchased at the store on the Pier, Online Fishing Licenses or by phone at 1.888.88.6887 before arrival.

  • Good Conduct and Sportsmanship Required.

  • One Crab Basket Per Person (Do Not Leave Unattended)  You may not fish and crab at the same time.

  • The Fish You Catch Must Be Placed In A Cooler Within 10 Minutes Of Landing.

  • Keep All Tackle and Gear Off Of And Away From Bench Seats.

  • Keep All Bait Off Of Bench Seats and Picnic Tables.

  • Cut Your Bait At Cleaning Tables or At Cutting Tables Provided.

  • Do Not Stand Or Sit On The Rails.

  • No Jumping or Diving off the Gulf Shores State Fishing Pier.

  • No Alcohol Allowed On Pier.

  • No Cooking Allowed On Pier.

  • Clean Up After Yourself.