Alabama Bull Redfish Fishing Charters

One of the best winter and spring fishing charters you can take while in Orange Beach, Alabama is the Bull Redfish fishing trip. Each year, around the first of November, these large Redfish move in close to shore to feed on Pogies and LY’s. They usually stay around the Gulf Shores Beaches until the first couple of weeks of March or Spring Break. The best offshore fishing trips for Bull Redfish for 6 people or less is on our charter boat, Distraction.


Winter Fishing at its best in Orange Beach

The best fishing season and the best days to catch these monster fish is after a cold front has just passed. We look for cold temperatures of 38 to 55 degrees with a gentle north wind. Mornings have produced the most fish recently. However, sometimes the conditions are right and they bite all day. These north wind days, are the days when Redfish really get active and start feeding actively. There are some days when the temperature rises and the winds move around to the southeast, south or southwest and they don’t bite as well. We can still catch them, but most often, they are not on topwater those days.

Orange Beach Bull Redfish are the largest of all Redfish

Bull Redfish in Orange Beach are the largest of all.  The ones you see on outdoor television and on the Redfish Cup Tour are only 16″ to 26″ in length and weigh less than 10 pounds each. The Bull Redfish we are catching in Orange Beach, are usually 33″ to 41″ in length and weigh between 17 and 35 pounds.

Catching Redfish on Topwater and Trolling

Bull Redfish fishing trips in Orange Beach, Alabama, offers families a fishing charter of a lifetime. You will catch Bullreds on our 4 and 6 hour trolling fishing and sight fishing charters. You will stay right off the beach of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach and cruise back and forth until we see birds diving into the water or we see them feeding on top of the water. We try to troll through them to get a bite or we stop and allow you to cast a jig in the middle of them to get a strike.

Most of the Bullreds are caught while trolling our special lures behind the charter fishing boat. We do see them on topwater in a feeding frenzy as shown below. When they are on top of the water, you may cast light tackle lures out to them and hook them up. Yes, we can catch these Bullreds on topwater lures.

The fight is phenomenal and offers even the most experienced anglers a fun fight. Some days are slower than others and these trips require some patience while searching for them. The key to Bull Redfishing in Orange Beach is patience, the right weather conditions and a little luck.

We look forward to seeing you soon.