Spring Break Fishing in Orange Beach Alabama 2010

Spring Break fishing in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama is shaping up real fine. We had some warmer weather during the first 10 days of the month that is making outside activities bearable. One thing for sure, is that the fishing has been challenging on cold days. Cold fronts that pass every few days have made for rougher than normal seas. As we move further into March, the weather is expected to be warmer for sure. We are forecast for 74 to 78 degrees this week and we are ready for it. Sea temperatures are also on the rise which should make the bait fish start moving closer to shore. Bigger fish follow the bait. As Spring gets closer, so should the fish.

​Most of the Bull Redfish are now moving out into deeper water. They can still be caught, but it is getting tougher and requires a lot of effort on our 4 hour trips. The Spanish Mackerel should be here any day. The Cobia should begin to migrate through our area toward the end of March and April.

​Bottom fishing for Vermilion Snapper and Red Porgy (white snapper) has been ok. Red Snappers are everwhere but we can’t keep them until the season opens on June 1. Amberjack fishing has been ok on longer trips. We are still having to go further offshore to catch legal jacks.

​Spring fishing in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores can be a lot of fun. Remember that we want you to have a good time and we will do all we can to help you catch fish. Come see us