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-- (The Most Popular Family-Friendly 6 Passenger Charters In Alabama is the Distraction)

This family paid no deposit or hidden booking fees when they used this website to get in direct contact with the best charters in Alabama.

Welcome to Orange Beach Fishing Charters and Saltwater Guides Cooperative Official Website. We put you in touch with the best charters in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores and don't charge one single penny to you or the charter boat as a commission.   This helps you get the best charter in town.

We are different than any other guide service in town or on the internet.  We offer a free service to consumers/anglers and the charter fishing boats we represent.

All of our charter boats are hand chosen by our executive board.  We only offer charter boats membership or inclusion, only if they exhibit good character with solid moral fiber and have a conservation ethic.

There is no way for someone to buy their way into this group or have a free membership like all other booking websites. Our members must be in business for at least five years and demonstrate professionalism and be a leader in the community.  All members participate in all aspects of the fishery management process to ensure a healthy fishery for generations to come

We take our membership a step further.  All of our charter boats are legal, carry all required commercial insurance, licenses and permit on their vessels, their crew, and their passengers.  They are all properly licensed, documented, and participate in a random rug testing program as required by the US. Coast Guard.   

When you submit a reservation request via this website, your request will be forwarded to the appropriate member so that they can respond directly to you. You will receive service and a level of quality that is unheard of in the charter fishing industry.




Why You Should Book Direct With The Boat You Want

We put you in touch with the best charter boats and allow you to book direct with them.  This saves you money and gets you a better charter.   When you book direct, there are no commissions paid to the broker.  This means the charter boat has the revenue to buy fuel, maintain their vessel and equipment.   There are a hundred more reasons you should book your fishing charter direct in Orange Beach.

What you need to look out for is: Online Brokers.  They are everywhere in the fishing charter business and on the internet.   They allow consumers to book charters through their websites.  The process is easy, but the results anglers get are not so good in our opinion.   Examples of brokers are: Fishingbooker, Fisherguiding, Fishanywhere, Groupon, Tripshock.  

These super websites offer free listings for boats.  But, in order for the boats to book trips, they must allow the broker to charge customers 15% to 30% fees up front.  They disguise their commissions as deposits.  Many are non refundable.


Save Money With Shared Expense Charters, Walk On Charters or Join Others


If you are looking for a better fishing charter, but don't have enough people in your group, we created a Facebook group "Shared Expense Fishing Charters Orange Beach." Here you can post your intentions with other similar groups and potentially join together, to book a private charter.  We typically run only private deep sea fishing trip, but due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are trying to find a way to stay busy, but just know that we are not talking about party boats here.  We are only talking about charter boats that offer shared expense charters or where you join others to combine your groups.  

Private Fishing Charters Are The Best Option For Deep Sea Fishing

The most popular fishing trips in Orange Beach, Alabama are private charters. This type of charter is for only you, and your group will be on the boat during your trip. These charters offer the BEST service around. With most charter boats offering private charters, you can get the first-class service, and the captain takes you to his best reefs and lets you fight some really big fish. There is an advantage in choosing a private charter.  However, not all private charters offer the same level of customer service.  It is up to you to do your research and check out their reviews online to see if they will meet your expectations.   Two of the best in Orange Beach are a six-passenger boat named Distraction Charters and a multi-passenger boat named Intimidator Sportfishing.  These boats also have air conditioning and private restrooms on board.

Why You Want A Private Fishing Charter

Our best Orange Beach charter boats only offer private trips. Private charters can be on both inshore and offshore boats. Being private means only you and your group will be on the boat. On all of our bigger boats, there will be deckhands or mates on board to serve you. The deckhands on these trips are right there beside you at all times and take care of you.

Our private charters offer offshore fishing and inshore fishing. As mentioned above, our fishing guides provide some of the best services in the world and have the reputation of being responsible, accountable, and professional at all times. All of our boats are independently owned and operated. This is a big deal, so just remember this... A captain running his own charter boat is essential because you know what type of service you can expect from him. Vessel owners and captains, have a vested interest in ensuring you get a fishing charter that lives up to their reputation.

Private charters range anywhere from 4 hours to 4 days. The most common deep-sea fishing trips are 6 hours, and some boats offer two a day while some opt for longer day trips each day. The ideal excursion for families or first-timers is these short trips. More serious anglers need to look at full-day trips or longer. The most common inshore bay fishing trips are 4 to 6 hours in length. Inshore fishing charter boats can only carry a maximum of 6 people.

What A Deckhand Does For You on Private Deep Sea Fishing Trips

The deckhand/mates take time to educate and demonstrate different fishing techniques that you might not learn on a walk on or party boat trip. The gratuity for your mater (or mates) is customarily 20 to 25% of the total trip price of the charter that you paid, plus tip. You may always tip him above that amount if he deserves it.

Inshore or Bay Fishing Charters

Back Bay fishing has become very popular over the past few years.  We see more guides arrive almost every year. With more guides, it means more fishing pressure. With so much fishing pressure in Orange Beach, the abundance of fish does not last long at times. If you don't pay attention to the details and book the wrong boat, you might not catch many fish! If you decide to save a few bucks and end up fishing with a guide who stays close to the bridge in Orange Beach, you might not be happy.  

The best guides are our guides like Jayhook Inshore Fishing Charters.  They leave the Orange Beach area and take you to areas that are seeing less pressure and where the fish are more plentiful. The cost of these fishing trips runs about $450 for four people for 4 hours and goes up from there. The price is a little more, but our guides are not afraid to burn the fuel to get you to where the fishing pressure is less. Our inshore guides move to where the fish are.   The best back bay fishing is in Mobile Bay, so you need to find a guide who works that area if you want to catch speckled trout, redfish, or tripletail.


Popular Fish Species You Can Catch With Us

fishing-in-orange-beach-for-wahoo-on-charter-boatsAlabama is famous for its artificial reef system that covers over 1200 square miles of the Gulf of Mexico. Until private, man-made reefs were built back into the 1950's fishing for Shark, Red Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack, triggerfish, lane snapper, vermilion snapper and, white snapper, was not very predictable. The Gulf Shores area, all the way to Fort Morgan and Dauphin Island, has long been known for its excellent King Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel fishing. When we were kids growing up, most of the fishing we did along the Alabama Gulf Coast was near shore trolling for these two species of pelagic fish (migratory non-reef fish). As fish finding technology improved, we were able to build artificial reefs were able to re-locate them each trip to make bottom fishing relatively easy and have some consistency to it.

The coastal Alabama area south of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores is mostly shallow and has a muddy or sandy hard bottom. Seven miles offshore, you get to about 70 feet deep and 20 miles offshore, and you are only in about 100 to 110 feet of water. Some reefs that built closer to shore that hold reef fish like red snapper, grouper, and amberjack, but they see a lot of fishing pressure and are often hard to get a bite. However, if you take a 6-hour deep-sea fishing trip, you have enough time to get far enough offshore to where the fishing pressure is less, and the fishing is better.

The oil rigs you see off of Gulf Shores Alabama's Coast are in what we call shallow water and will hold some fish around them, but they are too far out of Orange Beach to fish around on a short trip. Our artificial reefs produce better fish than the close in oil rig platforms. If you want to go after blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi (dorado), or Wahoo, you need to go at least 60 to 120 miles around the deepwater oil rigs. To get out there, you need to take an overnight fishing charter to a two-day charter to have a chance to catch these species. Our artificial reefs simply don't hold game fish species as the deepwater rigs do.


Fighting a monster Mangrove Snapper while deep sea fishing is fun.


Booking Your Deep Sea Fishing or Inshore Charter is Simple

Booking your Alabama Offshore and Inshore fishing charter is secure. All you have to do to schedule your charter is to decide what type of trip you're considering. Then you need to decide on a date you want to go. The third step is choosing a boat that fits your needs. The fourth and final step is submitting a reservation request, so we will know what you want to do. Submitting a reservation does not lock you into a charter. It tells us what you are interested in, ao we can check our calendar and will return your email quickly with availability. You then need to give us a credit card number to hold it. After your initial contact request, the captain of the boat you want will reply to you.

We promise to get back in touch with you quickly.

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